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The perfect creative companion for couples

Many couples want to go a step further in their sex life, and some of them tend to include on their encounters a third lover. Professional escorts master the most erotic practices that will inevitably light the fire of passion on any relationship. Discover how these splendid companions use all their creativity to break monotony.


Enjoy with your partner new mesmerizing sensations

The frenzy of modern life leaves very little time for romance and intimacy. Many couples find themselves very soon involved in a routine that gradually separates them at an emotional level. Your exquisite escort fromĀ https://www.escortdirectory.com/escorts-los-angeles-ca-62/ will explain you that there is no worse poison for a relationship than monotony. It makes every partner focus solely on his or her personal activities and interests.

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Fetishes and sexual attraction

Fetishism is defined as a situation in which the desire and the sexual impulse are focused on an object or on a specific body part rather than a person. In most of the cases, this tendency is experienced by heterosexual men. It belongs to the category of paraphilia along with other preferences such as voyeurism, exhibitionism, masochism or sadism.


Splendid companions with admirable talents

Luxury escorts have acquired a wide experience in terms of intimacy to offer you an interesting and wide catalog of services. They are aware that you have a demanding taste and uncontrolled cravings for refreshing sensations.

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Sex fantasies for women

Sexual fantasies are thoughts that spontaneously emerge from the unconscious. They may include erotic dreams, elaborated stories and fetishes. In many cases they are kept as a pleasant secret due to the absence of someone with whom to share them. Fortunately, it is possible to resort to sensational escorts like Jolene Dare who is willing to satisfy the craziest desires.


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